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Commitment to Diversity And Inclusion

Goldberg Kohn is committed to building a firm environment that reflects the diversity of our community. We believe that the key to the diversity health of the firm is to create a vibrant culture in which professionals of all backgrounds can succeed here in the long term.

In order to build an environment that is welcoming and supportive of a diverse population of professionals, Goldberg Kohn espouses an approach to diversity that supplements the firm's core values with a more concerted recruiting and retention strategy for diverse professionals. Our approach to questions of diversity builds upon Goldberg Kohn's founding principles and the unique culture we have developed.  Specifically, throughout its history, Goldberg Kohn has implemented a deliberate, purposeful growth plan — one attorney at a time. The firm does not hire or acquire practice groups and has never merged with another firm or group of attorneys.  We operate based upon consensus building, not vote-counting. Goldberg Kohn has clients of the firm, not separate books of business. This approach creates a unique environment where every principal enjoys an equal voice and attorneys of every background have the opportunity and encouragement to flourish.  We believe these core firm values enable all professionals, from a wide range of communities, to establish a long-term career at Goldberg Kohn.

The firm has an active Diversity Committee which holds primary responsibility for furthering the diversity goals of the firm. The Diversity Committee meets regularly and is comprised of a cross-section of the firm’s attorneys, including associates, principals, and individuals from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the practice of law.  The Committee sponsors events designed to foster firm-wide dialogue on, and awareness of issues of diversity in the law. The Committee helps the firm to retain and develop attorneys who reflect a wide diversity of communities with one-on-one attention to individual growth and professional development.  Principals on the Committee specifically serve as advocates for these constituent- associates and take an ongoing and active role in guiding these associates toward success in their professional advancement here at Goldberg Kohn.  The Committee has also established an auxiliary committee made up of staff who create internal programming celebrating the different cultures and backgrounds within the firm. 

The firm has regularly participated in and sponsored the activities and events of a wide range of law student and bar associations that advocate for diversity in the practice of law.  The firm is a member of the Chicago Committee, and a regular sponsor of conferences aimed at addressing how to increase diversity within the legal field.  The Diversity Committee also supports Goldberg Kohn's women attorneys and their creation of ENGAGE, a nonprofit group designed to bring together women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In addition, the firm has a long-standing commitment to community involvement that is consciously directed toward diminishing obstacles that traditionally contribute to under-representation of minority groups in the legal profession. Goldberg Kohn has made an enormous and comprehensive commitment to increasing the educational opportunities for children and students of all backgrounds.  The firm is committed to ongoing support of economically disadvantaged students through its support of Chicago Scholars, a foundation that addresses fundamental barriers to success for academically driven students through college counseling, mentoring and by providing a supportive community.

Based upon our firm's unique culture emphasizing each individual's voice and participation, Goldberg Kohn commits itself to the goals of diversity by actively fostering the development of professionals from a wide array of communities and engaging actively in organizations and community efforts to support the goals of minority groups in our profession.

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