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Compensation & Benefits

What is the firm's starting salary for a first year associate?

The starting salary is determined by class year and experience.

Does the firm pay a bonus? If so, how is the amount of that bonus determined?

A hallmark of the firm's philosophy has always been that our associates are an integral part of the Goldberg Kohn team. In recognition of this, the firm offers two types of bonuses that associates may be eligible for, a target bonus and a discretionary bonus. 

  • The target bonus is designed to reward eligible associates, who met their target, with additional compensation. Associates in their third year and beyond, who bill at least 2,000 hours may receive the full target bonus. During the bonus cycle, the firm allows up to 100 approved "firm as a client" hours and 200 pro bono hours to count toward an associate's targets hours.
  • The discretionary bonus is available to any eligible associate and based on hours and evaluation of merit. The following factors may be considered in determining bonuses (in addition to class year): 
    • Billable hours 
    • Quality of work, including efficiency 
    • Market factors 
    • Being a "team player" 
    • Marketing efforts/success
    • Contribution to the firm managment

These general principles are adjusted to accommodate part-time and partial-year associates. The goal of the program is to reward outstanding performance by associates over an extended period of time.

Would I get credit for a clerkship? Would I get a clerkship bonus, and if so, how much would it be?

Goldberg Kohn generally gives associates credit for judicial clerkships, whether state or federal. In addition, clerks are typically paid a $25,000 bonus upon joining the firm.

What is the firm's part-time policy?

Goldberg Kohn considers associate requests to work part-time and is willing to make, and has made, part-time associates principals. The details of such arrangements are worked out on a case-by-case basis. We have a Part-Time Policy that can be provided to candidates upon request.

What other benefits does the firm offer?

Goldberg Kohn is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits program to attorneys.  The benefits program contains a variety of plans intended to enhance employees' lives and the lives of their family members now and in the future.  Some of the benefits for attorneys include:

  • Medical insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  We offer three plans-PPO, high deductible PPO and HMO.  The firm subsidizes a portion of the premium and the employee's portion can be deducted on a pre-tax basis under the Cafeteria Plan.
  • Dental insurance through Delta Dental.  The firm offers a rich plan with a maximum annual benefit of $2500.
  • Vision insurance through EyeMed.  The plan offers coverage for both doctors and retail outlets.
  • We provide Life, Short-term and Long-term disability insurance.  Once eligible, these plans offer financial assistance in the unfortunate event of loss of life or a non-work related illness or injury.
  • Wellness Week and flu shots are offered in May and October respectively.  During Wellness Week Goldberg Kohn offers several educational programs, blood screenings, outdoor activities and other fun events to motivate all employees to focus on health and well-being. 
  • The firm's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps maintain and promote the well-being of employees both in the workplace and in their personal lives. 
  • 401(k) program.
  • Paid parental leave up to 6 weeks.
  • The firm encourages associates to use their vacation time, which is 20 days accrued monthly per anniversary year.
  • The firm offers a transit and commuter benefit that allows attorneys to designate pre-tax monies for transportation (CTA/Metra) and parking.
  • The firm maintains a flexible dress code that enables our attorneys to work comfortably in the workplace and dress for their day.
  • Goldberg Kohn hosts an annual holiday party and a bi-annual summer picnic for the entire firm.  The firm also ensures that each department hosts its own holiday party.
  • Goldberg Kohn is a very "green" firm, and has many programs to support sustainability. The firm organized a Project Green Committee in 2007 and this group of attorneys and staff have worked hard to make the firm as eco-friendly as possible.

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