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How many billable hours does the firm require of associates?


Is pro bono work required? How are pro bono hours counted? What type of pro bono work is done?

Although pro bono work is certainly encouraged, it is not required. In addition, unlike at many other law firms, associates' time spent on approved pro bono matters is tracked, and those hours are counted along with regular billable hours both for meeting the required hours target and for bonus consideration. The type of pro bono work done by the firm is diverse and spread throughout virtually all of the practice areas.

What types of work does the firm do?

Goldberg Kohn has a broad-based commercial practice divided into the following practice groups:

Are associates hired to work in specific practice groups?

Associates are hired by the firm. Associates typically choose - and are encouraged - to concentrate their practices in particular practice groups. However, the firm's atmosphere is fostered by a spirit of teamwork and cooperation, with an emphasis on forging well-rounded lawyers; so associates (and principals) are, on occasion, asked to help out in other practice groups as necessary.

Are associates encouraged to specialize within practice groups?

Associates are not required to specialize within practice groups, but we attempt to accommodate desires to do so. Goldberg Kohn is willing to devote significant resources to permitting associates to develop new practice focuses.

How are projects assigned within a practice group?

Projects are assigned by principals on an informal basis. The principals within a practice group strive to provide the associates practicing in their area with a wide range of experiences, both in terms of substance and opportunities to work with a variety of principals.

How are projects staffed?

Most matters are staffed with one principal and one or two associates, which tends to be fewer lawyers than the opposition. Occasionally, more associates and/or principals participate; but in general, the firm strives to limit the number of attorneys involved in projects.  Clients, associates, and the firm as a whole benefit from such concentrated staffing.

Does the firm have "income" or non-equity principals?

No, the firm has only equity principals. 

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