Goldberg Kohn gives substantive work to summer associates on day one. I was able to make an immediate contribution to the cases on which I was staffed.
- Dan McElroy, Northwestern University, 2010 Summer Associate

Summer Program FAQ

How is summer associate work assigned? Can summer associates work for more than one practice group?

The summer associate assignment process is flexible. Every effort is made to give summer associates work in practice areas that interest them - whether that involves sampling work from many practice areas or coordinating projects in a particular area. The process is coordinated by a group of attorneys who monitor all summer associate assignments to ensure that the appropriate workload mix and volume are achieved. Most assignments involve direct contact with a principal who is working on the matter.

How are summer associates reviewed?

Summer associates receive informal feedback throughout the course of the summer from the attorneys with whom they work. In addition, the principals in charge of the summer associate program typically conduct formal reviews of summer associates halfway through the summer and again at the end of the summer.

Can I split my summer?

The firm discourages splitting, because it limits the time that the firm and summer associates have to evaluate each other; however, exceptions have been made in the past on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a social component to the program?

Summer associates will have several opportunities to meet with attorneys both in and outside of the office.  Throughout the summer, there are casual lunches, practice area department meetings, educational programs, and more formal social events such as a cook off, Cubs game or wine tasting.

What will I be paid?

Summer associates are paid a salary equivalent to the prorated amount of a first year associate.

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