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Goldberg Kohn Principal David Chizewer, along with John Bouman and Stephanie Altman at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law and Tom Yates at the Legal Council for Health Justice, represent Medicaid beneficiaries in a quest to ensure the state of Illinois adequately funds its Medicaid Program during the budget crises.

On Wednesday, June 7, in connection with a motion filed by Goldberg Kohn principal David Chizewer and his co-counsel at the Shriver Center and Council for Health Justice, Judge Lefkow issued an order requiring the state Comptroller to increase the payments to the Medicaid system.

After a month long trial in the summer of 2004, Mr. Chizewer and the team won sweeping reforms to the Medicaid system, incorporated in a Consent Decree that is still in force today. On June 6, Mr. Chizewer and the team returned to court to make sure Medicaid is adequately funded during Illinois' elongated budget crisis.