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Goldberg Kohn attorneys Steve Legatzke, Will Loesch and Vanessa Bachtell volunteered for the "Lawyers in the Classroom" program administered by the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

The team visited the Laura Ward Elementary School in Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood where they taught 8th Graders about the Constitution and the U.S. system of government.

The Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago is a non-profit organization that provides educational services to schools and teachers with respect to the government. The "Lawyers in the Classroom" program pairs teams of lawyers from both firms and law departments in large corporations with a Chicago Public School.

[Update: The Lawyers In the Classroom program, which had previously been administered by the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago, transitioned in November 2019 to the CBA 501(c)(3), CBA Media and Civic Education Inc., formerly CBA Television Productions Inc., the charitable entity that works to serve and educate youth across Chicago.]