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Danielle Johnson quoted on SCOTUS trademark case in Women's Wear Daily

Fashion Fights Heading to the Supreme Court

January 13, 2020
Women’s Wear Daily

Danielle Johnson, an associate in the firm's Intellectual Property group was recently quoted in an article in Women's Wear Daily, "Fashion Fights Heading to the Supreme Court" regarding the current trademark cases involving Fossil and Lucky Brands.

The case before the court discusses the question can a trademark owner ask for damages in the form of an infringer’s profits only if the company was found to have purposely infringed on a trademark or is it enough to show that the trademark was infringed, even if it was an oversight?  Fossil was the accidental infringer.  They had an agreement with a Connecticut-based company to use its fasteners in its products, though a Chinese manufacturer who made the disputed bags.

“It’s a cautionary tale for companies to make sure they’re exerting control over manufacturers in other countries,” said Danielle Johnson.

To read the full article, please click here.

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