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Secured Finance Network Honors Alison Carrizales and Jenna Ward with 2022 Women in Secured Finance Award

April 6, 2022

The latest edition of the Secured Finance Network’s The Secured Lender recognized principal attorneys Alison Carrizales and Jenna Ward as honorees of the 2022 Women in Secured Finance award for their exemplary efforts within the commercial finance practice.

They were honored as part of the publication’s theme, Leading the Way Forward, which highlights women who have had a significant impact on the industry’s future. In addition to their recognition, both Alison and Jenna shared their perspective on success in the profession as women.

Alison shared insights for women beginning their career by emphasizing the benefits of building relationships both in and out of the workplace. She also shared tips for women to maintain a work-life balance by blocking off time in the day for exercise and meditation along with surrounding themselves with colleagues who do the same.

Jenna offered her thoughts on building confidence to express her strengths and successes clearly and comfortably within her work. Additionally, she highlighted the important role of mentors throughout her professional career, learning ways to develop negotiation skills, client relationships and opportunities to grow in her field.

Read their full interviews on pages 52-54 here.

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