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Margaret O’Connor Achieves Lawful Permanent Residency for Honduran Asylum Seeker After Five-Year Long Pro Bono Case

June 6, 2022

Goldberg Kohn is passionate about the pro bono work our team of trusted attorneys take on to make a lasting difference in our community and lives around the world.

Margaret O’Connor showcased this passion while working with William, an immigrant from Honduras who sought safety in the United States and recently obtained Lawful Permanent Residency with Maggie’s assistance.

After fending for himself from the age of six, William fled Honduras due to unsafe conditions and his desire to be united with family in the U.S. Just two months after Maggie was sworn into the Illinois bar in 2017, William became her first pro bono client as a licensed attorney.  

Throughout his fight to stay in the country, William has been determined to support his family and strived for an education with dreams of becoming a firefighter. These dreams were clouded by the stress of legal proceedings and the looming possibility of being sent back to Honduras.

Maggie has advocated for William for the past half-decade, working alongside the National Immigrant Justice Center to pursue the forms of immigration relief for which he was eligible, including asylum and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS). 

SIJS grants legal status to children and young adults who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by one or both parents in their home country.

William achieved SIJS with support from the National Immigrant Justice Center, and after this status was granted, Margaret filed an application for him to adjust his status to become a Legal Permanent Resident. The two appeared virtually in court to plead his case, and in the merits hearing, the judge ruled in our client’s favor on the spot, and the government waived appeal.  After five long years of waiting, William was overcome with emotion.  

“He can finally breathe,” said Maggie. “He has a bright future without the uncertainty of his legal status weighing him down.”

Legal Permanent Residency paves the way to greater job opportunities, scholarships and eventually U.S. citizenship. With his new legal status, William’s dreams of continuing his education and becoming a firefighter are that much closer to becoming a reality.

GK could not be prouder of our attorneys and the emotional investment and support they provide in every case they take on.  

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