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Asset-Based Lending in Mexico: An Overview of Key Considerations

July 16, 2008
Jonathan Cooper
Reproduced with permission from The Secured Lender, published by the Commercial Finance Association, www.cfa.com

Richard Kohn and Jon Cooper, principals in the firm's Commercial Finance Group, recently participated in a teleconference for the Commercial Finance Association (CFA) regarding asset-based lending in Mexico.  A transcript of this teleconference was just published in The Secured Lender.

Richard Kohn is co-general counsel of the CFA and for the past six years has represented the CFA at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNICITRAL) in connection with a project to help countries enact modern secured transactions laws.  Richard is also a consultant to the United Nations in connection with that project.  Jon Cooper also works on the UNICITRAL project and has significant experience in international commercial finance transactions in both the western hemisphere and Europe.

The other participants in the teleconference were Hugo Cuesta, a partner at the law firm of Cuesta Campos & Asociados in Mexico, who has significant experience in asset-based lending transactions; Ildefonso Acevedo, the chief executive with Hilco Acetec, a leading provider of appraisal and asset disposition services in Mexico; and Arnie Dratt, CEO of Chicago-based Hilco Appraisal Services.

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