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Meredith Kirshenbaum has authored "Employer Abortion Policy Considerations In A Post-Roe World," published in the June 23, 2022, issue of Law360. She shares insights regarding employer policies supporting reproductive access for their employees following the Dobbs decision, including the objectives and potential risks of such policies.

Following the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Meredith has been featured in multiple publications outlining key post-Roe considerations, including Human Resources Director Magazine, The Society for Human Resource Management, and The Washington Post:

In “Employer Abortion Policy Considerations in a Post-Roe World,” Meredith discusses the growing number of companies who have decided to broadcast their social values in an effort to attract and retain employees who share similar values. Increasingly, companies with employees in states outlawing abortion are pledging to support employees’ access to abortion healthcare, including by covering travel expenses, helping employees relocate or work remotely from other states, and creating abortion relief funds.

Meredith recognizes that companies are not doing so without risk. Several states have prohibitions on aiding and abetting access to illegal abortions, and as Meredith notes, "it’s possible companies enacting abortion access policies could subject the company to civil liability under state law, as well as political consequences."

Before implementing such policies, Meredith advises companies to:

  • Carefully determine the stance of its own employees to assess how the policy might be received or valued
  • Review their state statutes to assess risk for aiding and abetting abortion access
  • Consider which kind policy is most feasible and will best serve their objectives

Read the full story here.

Meredith Kirshenbaum is a principal in the firm's Litigation Group with extensive experience counseling companies on a wide range of labor and employment issues and litigating labor and employment cases, including those arising in traditional labor law.

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