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Jon Klinghoffer Quoted on SHRM.org

Petitioning on Behalf of Interns Wasn’t Covered by NLRA

December 2, 2019

Jon Klinghoffer, a principal in the firm's Labor & Employment and Litigation Groups was recently quoted on SHRM.org in an article entitled "Petitioning on Behalf of Interns Wasn't Covered by NLRA."  The article covers the recent Amnesty International of the USA Inc., 368 NLRB No. 112 determination by the National Labor Relations Board, which rejects the assertion that non-employees, such as interns, are protected by the National Labor Relations Act. 

The article posits the results of this decision on other types of non-employees such as gig workers and independent contractors and whether this decision, made in regards to a not-for-profit organization will carry over to for-profit companies.

"Repeatedly, in the body of its decision and in footnotes, the board focused on the not-for-profit nature of Amnesty International, so it is not perfectly clear how the decision will be applied to for-profit organizations," said Jon Klinghoffer, an attorney with Goldberg Kohn in Chicago. "As an employer, I think it is prudent to read this decision pretty narrowly and limit its applicability to unpaid volunteers and interns of nonprofit companies."

To read the full article, please click here.

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