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Goldberg Kohn is proudly sponsoring the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' 2022 "Dream Big for Kids Benefit."

The 2022 Benefit celebrates 30 years of charter schools and honors its leaders, both founders and newcomers, who were bold enough to dream big for kids and make a real impact.

The "Dream Big for Kids Benefit" takes place at The Temple House in Miami on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools advocates for the 3.6 million students who attend charter schools, and the millions more who are waiting for their chance to attend one of these unique public schools. Nearly 70 percent of charter school students are Black or Brown, and 62 percent come from low-income families. Through federal and state advocacy efforts, research, and elevating national awareness, the National Alliance helps to ensure every child has access to a great public school and a chance to achieve their most ambitious dreams.