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For more than 20 years, Goldberg Kohn has been proud to support charter schools that provide opportunities for students and families whose educational options might otherwise limit their pathway to success. For children and families who want access to high-quality public education, tuition-free charter schools often provide the best opportunity to maximize students' potential in a rigorous learning environment that promotes high expectations and success. We share a deep commitment to this vision and partner with charter schools to further their missions.

Goldberg Kohn has worked with nearly 100 high-quality charter schools and charter school advocates in more than 25 states. Our clients range in variety, from single-site schools to the largest charter school networks across the country. They include many of the best K-12 schools in the nation with some of the country’s highest graduation and college acceptance rates. Most schools we work with serve largely underserved student populations, and provide them with transformational academic opportunities. It is our privilege to work side-by-side with charter schools and charter school advocates, every day.  

Our work is laser-focused on helping charter schools remain independent, nimble and innovative. Much of that work is tied to traditional labor law and protecting charter schools’ ability to let student interests, not adult interests, drive their work. We guide charter schools through: 

  • Proactive, culture-building practices 
  • Union petitions, campaigns and other challenges
  • Collective bargaining 
  • Grievances, arbitrations and labor-related litigation  
  • Labor relations and contract administration

In addition to the above, we provide litigation support, governance advice and general best-practice counsel on a host of charter-specific issues. All of our work is grounded in our lengthy experience with, insight about and passion for charter schools and innovative education.