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Many commercial law firms treat labor and employment matters as an afterthought, or as "commodity" work. Goldberg Kohn realizes that the best employers demand a different approach. The firm's Labor & Employment Group knows that proactive, top-shelf labor and employment guidance is crucial to building a productive working environment. In today's economy, the ability to retain good employees and effectively deal with those who are not adding value differentiates surviving companies from thriving companies.

Goldberg Kohn listens to its clients who let them know that that they are tired of rote, formulaic approaches to defending employment and labor cases. Winning is great, but at what cost? Is this case worth fighting? If the case involves employment issues, but also some challenging bankruptcy (or securities, or trade secret, or regulatory) issues, who is the right person to handle it? The firm assesses complex risks and provides answers. Goldberg Kohn labor attorneys think, and challenge their clients to think, about outcomes from the beginning, often before a lawsuit is ever filed.

Through early and vigorous case assessment, Goldberg Kohn's Labor & Employment attorneys help clients make fundamental decisions at an early juncture about whether disputes are precedential, and thus worth the battle. When they are, Goldberg Kohn fights them and wins, even when others have advised that winning is not an option. The firm's employment attorneys don't sit back and let a case come to them, just because the firm is defending it instead of bringing it; when the client says fight, Goldberg Kohn gets after it. Cases that go on for years cost more, so the firm aggressively pushes plaintiff's lawyers to prove their cases from day one. Most of them cannot.

Although Goldberg Kohn loves a good fight, its clients call their attorneys "practical." They tell the firm that it has a way of working well with everyone in their company, from CEOs to first-line supervisors (who are often the key to winning labor and employment cases). They tell the firm that they appreciate that Goldberg Kohn doesn't try to talk them into litigating every dispute, just because. Clients hire Goldberg Kohn to handle their labor and employment problems wherever they arise, across the nation and beyond. The firm provides common-sense advice backed by years of experience in all aspects of labor and employment law—and Goldberg Kohn clients stick with the firm, year after year.


"Goldberg Kohn is responsive. They understand employment law, have participated on web meetings with me, and have been knowledgeable and accepted by the audience." - As reported in U.S. News Best Law Firms


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